Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker is an emerging regional visual artist, specialising in vivid, quirky, and unique interpretations of still life paintings, predominantly featuring fruit painted in acrylics. Walker is drawn to using fruit imagery as it is ubiquitous through art history, and also for its significance in the Hebrew and Christian Bible. 

Walker started to explore the meaning of ‘Spiritual Fruit’ as found in the Bible through painting semi realistic, surreal, and oddly coloured physical fruit. Sarah draws upon a range of subjects to symbolically depict in the Still Life style including death, loss, hope, trauma recovery, depression, and joy, all drawn from her own life experiences, while trying to make sense of these through a modern, spiritual, Christian discourse. 

Her use of colour is unparalleled, and she draws from the likes of Wassily Kandinsky and Jeffrey Smart, for the bold and unapologetic colour variations she puts together. Walker also admires Smart’s use of whimsy in the everyday mundane subjects, and she takes a mild tongue in cheek, whimsical look at her own obsession with painting that most humble of food subjects - fruit. Walker is also drawn to the works of Salvador Dali, and the surrealist movement in general, and her pieces display random touches of humour inspired by this. 

Sarah Walker is also an accomplished pianist, and embarked on a new ongoing arts style, recording her original piano compositions combined with a painting that compliments the music, into a unique audio and visual arts experience. This is an ongoing series that Walker recently received a Regional arts grant to produce, and is exhibited through YouTube. 

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