Rachel Jack

My name is Rachel Jack and I’m a Wiradjuri artist from Western New South Wales. I was
fortunate enough to move to the Gold Coast on Kombumerri country when I was 8 years old.

From a young age I found myself immersed in art and creating with nature as a backdrop. I
use the beautiful coastal and colours of the water to depict the land I live on, while the
earth tones pay homage to the lands my family grew up on around Orange, Wagga Wagga and Bathurst.

I had kept my art merely for my home and family until I attended a professional
development opportunity with elders on Bunjalung country. The elders were so inspiringand showcased a love of country through their work that I couldn’t wait to arrive home andstart painting. From here I have painted for Government Departments and many overseas visitors who love to take home a souvenir of Australia.

Now I concentrate on nature and my surrounds. I am inspired by the plants, animals, landand our relationship with our environment.

Painting is a release of creative energy and I am extremely lucky to be able to share that in  people’s homes and businesses.
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