Dinah Dixon

Dinah Dixon is an Australian Artist who loves to explore and paint the stunning landscapes of her travels. 

I grew up in country Queensland, with an early appreciation for nature and the land. I loved making things, whether it be food or craft, styling colours in my bedroom and wardrobe but also loved just exploring the outdoors with my siblings and cousins.

I loved art at school, but of course it wasn’t considered a real career path, so I took a detour via the financial sector. In 2007, I decided I'd really love to do a weekly Art Class in drawing, which became painting in acrylics and oils and continued for around 5 years. During those years and until late 2019, I painted whenever time allowed in my home Studio in Brisbane, entering the odd group exhibition here and there. In early 2020, I began selling my art online via my website and dedicated more hours to launching an art career, entering more group exhibitions and holding my first solo exhibition in early 2021.

I find the creative process of making Art is very therapeutic to me. One of my favourite things to do is to turn up the music with a glass of red, and paint uninhibited by any expectation in the creative space…some of my best work!

My intention is to create joy and nostalgia for the viewer, each painting being a journey all its own. The joy is represented by the colour palette. The warmth and beauty as the light hits the landscape, the colour of the sky at different times of the day. The fresh crisp mornings vs the late afternoon sunsets and the happiness that invokes. The nostalgia being the location itself and memories of past travels and childhood memories. Both of these things together forming the connection to the painting. The brushstrokes, shape and form and various layers creating texture, inviting the viewer into the painting to form their own story.

I hope you can join me through this visual voyage of travel and life on the canvas and that you are able to connect with a piece of the experience to enjoy in your own home.

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