Robyn Gray

Robyn Gray is an artist from Toowoomba. She works in acrylics in a modern or romantic
impressionistic style. She began her art pursuits one day in her thirties by sketching her children while they watched tv and was pleasantly surprised to see a likeness. She then began taking classes with local artists, trying every medium over about five years, settling on pastels for a while. She then mostly gave up art due to family commitments until around 2010 when she found more time to practice, this time in acrylic
medium. She is retired from the workforce after a varied career, ranging from office work,merchandising, and later qualifying and working as a Diversional Therapist.
Her inspiration comes from nature, the beach, and everyday scenes of life around her. She is drawn to the subject matter of people or animals in landscape and she strives to convey the way the light picks up ordinary objects and turns them into extraordinary, as well as telling a story to the viewer.
Robyn has found some success, since the beginning of 2017, selling her work online and doing commissions.
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