Diana Battle

Medium - acrylic/acrylic and oil 

Style - ….expressionistic/semi abstract 

Over the years my art practice has covered all media and genre to now settle  on the intuitive approach where the marks and shapes on the canvas will  dictate. 

My inspiration and influences come from life - where I live or visit - what I do  or what I have seen. I choose to paint the feeling rather than the subject with  the patterns made by the light together with colour, tone and time of day  creating the image. I use many organic shapes with the seasons playing a  major roll. - Often birds, people, trees and flowers can be found while  occasionally a pure abstract will evolve which I can’t resist. 

Prizes … As well as receiving a number of 1st Prizes for paintings during  2018, I was happy to have a work chosen as a finalist in the Stanthorpe  Biennial and a gallery finalist in the Lethbridge 10,000 Art Awards, Brisbane. 

This year I have accepted the challenge of being Feature Artist at the  Downlands College Art Exhibition during September in Toowoomba. 

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