Nicola Jones-SOLD OUT

Born in Yorkshire with the moorlands of the Bronte Sisters and gothic black stone buildings of the Victorian era as my backdrop, art was considered a hobby not a path to follow a career in. I spent half my life in the UK and now this other half in light filled Australia. I’m totally self taught but have been lucky to have learned from some treasured artists. 

I taught private children’s art classes for several years while my family were young but in 2020 I embarked on my own artistic journey. I like to paint Still Life, interiors and landscapes in both acrylic and oils in particular I enjoy using limited palettes. For instance in my Native Blush painting submitted, I used the Zorn palette one of my favourites these soft earthy tones sit so well with Australian native flora.  

In 2021 I entered the Incognito Art Show and have enjoyed success from that exposure

I entered my piece French Blue Orchids into The Galleriest’s Emerging Art Prize 2021 and was awarded a Highly Commended. 

In 2022  I entered my French Blue Orchids in The Inside This Box  exhibition at the Cornerstore Gallery in Orange and was chosen as one of 32 finalists.

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Regular price $550.00 Sold Out