Samantha Hobbelen

Samantha's works are vibrant, bright and are created with the ethos of more is more. More colour. More joy.

Samantha is a self-taught abstract artist and entrepreneur and when she is not painting, she's running her other businesses and mentoring women to build high profit businesses online. 

Samantha is a lover of art, colour and interiors.

She started painting for pure enjoyment and meditation while growing her well known children’s furniture brand, Hobbe. Throw in three boys under five - painting became the calm in a wonderfully busy and chaotic world.

She uses a combination of brush and palette knife with acrylic on canvas being her favourite mediums. Samantha’s abstract paintings are all about vibrant colour, as colour evokes happiness. She hopes that her paintings will add colour to the homes and spaces they live in and bring happiness to all those who come into contact with them.

Born and bred in Queensland, and after a number of years living in Sydney, Samantha now lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and three boys Hugo, Harvey and Henry.

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