Rischelle Brooks

Rischelle was born and raised in Mount Isa in north west  Queensland and currently resides in Woody Point on the Redcliffe  Peninsula.  

Rischelle began creating over 25 years ago and more seriously  over 17 years ago. She has painted and exhibited throughout rural  south east Queensland and Brisbane. Winning several prizes for  her art in art competitions and having her artwork selected and  displayed as public art in Wondai. She has also done murals for  local Businesses.  

Rischelle’s work has graced the walls of many galleries art spaces.  Rischelle has also completed and continues to produce many  private commissions.  

Her artwork has been published in the internationally distributed  Artists Palette Magazine (No. 61 April 2008) and the nationally  distributed Honestly Woman Magazine (January 2008 Issue). Artists  Palette Magazine described her as "a prolific and adventurous  painter with her very own definitive style".  

Her work is bright, happy and heartfelt. She favours a textured  canvas and stylised images. Her work can be easily recognised by  ‘how’ she paint. ‘What’ she paints varies, from feminine images,  buildings, abstract landscapes, birds and more. Many of my pieces  ultimately focus on identity and how that occurs for herself and  others, as well as metaphors of love, connection, spirit and nature.

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