Nastia Gladushchenko

Nastia Gladushchenko is a mural artist and painter living and working in  Katoomba, Australia and her work examines the relationship between  humans and the plant world.  

She uses botanical imagery, bold proportions and a restrained colour  palette to remind us of the importance of our connection to the natural  environment and to each other. Through this botanical language she aims  to create inclusive works that break down cultural and language barriers  to tell stories of the land and connect people in urban environments to  nature. 

With a background in Interior Architecture, exploring the way our en vironments affect our bodies and minds is of strong interest to her and  by creating playful pieces featuring imagery of oversized botanicals, she  hopes to transport people to a place somewhere between a playground  and a meditative space.  

As well as running a personal art practice, she’s interested in creating  large-scale, site-specific pieces in urban environments for and with the  community to allow them to access art and to experience its’ benefits in  public spaces. 

She has created large public works throughout New South Wales and in  Melbourne for private clients, councils and for larger organisations which  all have one thing in common - they want to care for and preserve our  natural environment.  

Whether her works are indoors or outdoors, large or small, she wishes  for them to spark conversations about memories in nature between  friends and strangers.

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