Melanie Webb

Melanie is an emerging artist living on Dja Dja Warrung country in Maldon, Victoria, Australia. She follows the inspiration of the landscape in her surroundings while exploring her strong passion for art and colour. Her work aims to bring you the joy, movement, and energy of bold colour, shape, and texture. 

As a child growing up in coastal NSW, she enjoyed being surrounded by dance, movement, colour, and creativity. Now living in central Victoria, she has always felt a subtle energetic connection with the Australian environment, and now explores this relationship with land, love of movement, and the interplay of nature and colour through her works. 

Melanie is also the owner of a boutique music industry travel business, she has learned to weather the ups and downs of the arts industry as Covid shut down the movement of music across the globe. While her business and resilience were tested, she was able to craft a creative alternative response to the challenges by enlivening a new arts practice that revisits her childhood talents, interests, and passions. This practice has sustained her creative spark, and she hopes it offers you too, a moment of joyous reflection. 

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