Liisa Gosper

Growing up in the lush green landscape of southern England, sketching was Liisa’s favourite hobby on rainy days. Art School taught her “how to truly see”, but after graduation, the priorities of life put her artistic endeavours on hold for almost 30 years. 

Migrating to Australia in 1994, redirected Liisa to her love for the land and wide, open spaces, but it wasn’t until 2003, when she settled in the Toowoomba Region, that she had the opportunity to take up her interest in Art again. 

Liisa has always cherished a deep connection with the land, nourishing her heart  and soul. She lives it and breaths it, forming the very core of who she is. And it is  this captivating and intoxicating affinity with the natural environment that inspires Liisa’s Art. 

With her home studio nestled amongst the pastoral fringes of Toowoomba, it’s all  about the intensity of Queensland light. Liisa creates what moves her, expressions  of scenes that leave her breathless, enticing the observer to celebrate and  appreciate the majesty and peace of the spectacular Toowoomba region.

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