Karen Collins

Emerging Artist, Karen Collins was born and bred in Brisbane. She has also lived in London, Sydney and  Melbourne.  

Being a keen traveller, she has collected many images in her head, and camera, from all over the world. These  provide Karen with an almost unlimited supply of inspiration with which to create her oil paintings. 

Following on from last year, she is continuing to create landscapes of bushwalks and more remote areas of  Australia that she has been lucky enough to visit. She is also starting to now add figures to her landscapes. 

Karen regularly attends workshops and believes art requires constant learning and development. She has  completed many and various art workshops over the years including: untutored Life Drawing at RQAS and  Brisbane Painting Classes; Drawing the Human Head, Online Foundation Course and Abstracts Florals  Workshop with Seabastian Toast; Oil Masterclasses with John Wilson; Draw the Human Body life drawing at  Museum of Brisbane, tutored Life Drawing classes at RQAS, various other workshops at Brisbane Painting  Classes, classes at The Brisbane Institute of Art and Victorian Artists Society. Karen finds inspiration in  travelling, nature and exploring Australia's wonderful national parks and beaches. 

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