Julie Middleton

In the words of poet Lord Byron, I have found a sense of solitude in
the language connecting art and place. Origins and current contexts
of the contrasting landscapes of the Burnett, Downs and Gold Coast
districts combined with their associated flora have stitched a rich
history inspiring my passion for exploring and expressing the beauty
and silence of nature through multiple forms of media. Studying the
disciplines of ceramics and textiles (papermaking) at the University of
Southern Queensland in the 90’s, I discovered a passion for
manipulating earthly elements in an attempt to capture nature in
serene and nostalgic moments in time through installation.
More recently I have integrated my innate attraction to rich colour and
tactile finishes with the technique of contemporary fresco. Working
alongside Italian master fresco artists Roberto & Rodolfo Guarnieri in
November 2019, I was introduced to plaster as a media enabling me
to merge sculpture and pure pigment on an otherwise flat surface. It
seemed timely to be exposed to the history of a romantic culture and
its place in my world as I found many facets of my personal and art

life completing harmonic full circles.

My art is currently a series of snapshots of my interpretation of
sublime nature, particularly where I long to be. Using a wide range of
mark-making tools I manipulate defining crests, gentle curves and
intense blocks of colour and depth - all reflective of the Australian
landscape I experience in all its senses and many yearn for in their
daily lives. Nature is not political. Nor is my work. Both are a visual


I embrace the importance of humanity’s relationship with the
landscape we share. The imperfectly perfect is an inspiration to


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