Emma Sheehan

Emma Sheehan (b.1995) is an artist based in rural New South Wales. Having  completed a Graduate Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration at the Inchbald  School of Design in London in 2021 and a Masters Degree in Art Curating at the  University of Sydney in 2018 she now works from her studio in Jugiong. Emma uses  her work to explore subject matter that is close to home where she has always had a strong appreciation for colour, pattern, textiles and ceramics. Emma uses her work to  explore colour, line and texture, using her mother’s love of cooking and her aunt’s  beautiful kitchen homewares store in Sydney's Woollahra to create her still lifes.  Emma is known for the wild harmony of colours used within her works and it is these  intuitive colour combinations combined with mindful compositions that make her  works both bubbly and sophisticated at the same time. She likes to look at her works  as a modern portrayal of her subject matter where she is not concerned with finding  the perfect form but rather capturing their energy. Emma places these objects – some from memory, some re-imagined, some collected over time onto her table scapes and spaces them out until she finds a perfect composition. Emma is drawn to  the dialogue between colour and pattern and experiments with these elements as a  way of instilling a sense of play-fullness and joy within the viewer.
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