Dominika Keller

Like a journal, my work is always a reflection of a particular day or memory, a celebration of that which is visual, brings me joy and connects me to the things I love. These pieces are from an ongoing series, inspired by both the ever increasing collection of books in our library and my daily forage in the garden and is in honour of the abundant flowers and produce in particular citrus, I harvest almost every day.  The last of the daffodils and poppies, new season lemons and oranges, the only pear and wattle foraged from the roadside, accompanied by books that have been collected because I love to paint them as much as I love to read. A little record of the garden beginning in the autumn of 2021 and ending mid summer 2022.

Working from life and photos, my paintings are created using delicate but textured brushstrokes, with a focus on the incredible shadows different objects form depending on where they are positioned, the way in which negative space effects composition, as well as perspective.  My work is also a very conscious move away from the strict realism of my training as a botanical illustrator to a more imperfect and expressive style.