Ashley Bunting

Ashley Bunting is a South-African-born artist who now resides on the sunny Gold Coast of  Australia. As a self-taught artist, Ashley began painting after she was generously given a wooden  box filled with an assortment of oil paints. From that moment onwards, she had discovered her  passion and has been committed to creating captivating artworks that are created from her personal  interests and influences. Fascinated by the beauty of femininity, her artworks often feature lady-like  figures, elegant themes, and soft colour palettes. You would notice that most of her artworks are  figurative work and portraits, which stems from her intrigue of capturing candid moments and  expressions. Another influence for her artwork has been the beautiful Gold Coast and her love for  the ocean, as many of her paintings have relaxed, coastal themes. Her artworks are a celebration of  life and people, and the beauty therein.
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