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Artist Bio

Andria Beighton is a Melbourne based artist, currently absorbed in the creation of distinctive, still life paintings with a floral focus. A self taught artist, Andria has developed a unique, meticulously clean and balanced style. Andria’s background in floristry and accessory design are evident in her subject selection and carefully constructed colour palettes. A lifelong love of textile, homewares and architectural design from the 1930’s to 1970’s is explored through her work, lending her paintings their unmistakable nostalgic allure. Andria is an emerging artist with her first solo show being held in 2021 at Off the Kerb in Collingwood, VIC. Her works are held in private collections throughout Australia, the UK and USA. 

Artist Statement 

I use my work as a vehicle to show my appreciation for past design movements through a modern lense. Although playing with perspective in a bold, flattened style and also using unexpected and often contemporary palettes, my work remains familiar to the viewer and evokes a sense of pleasant nostalgia through familiar shapes and motifs. I find a sense of calmness in order and balance. For this reason, crisp, hard edge lines, purposefully placed shapes and carefully constructed colour palettes are hallmarks of my work. 

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